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TIBETAN KUNG FU is a family that has been passed down for over 600 years, from generation to generation, a holistic approach that focuses on the body  The mind (concentration, mindfulness) and spiritual (energy flow, meditation, inner peace) are used to balance all beings and improve life at all levels.
Kerliang Healing Arts Center offers courses in Qigong, Kung Fu and Tai Chi, all the way to advanced and teacher certification levels. This center has been operated since the generation of Father Master Joe, the 6th generation heir and continued to be managed by Master Jade, the 7th generation heir established in Chiang Mai since 1981.




I came to Chiang Mai about a year ago and started to study Kung Fu at Kung Fu Chiang Mai with Master Jade. I was so impressed by his approach that I decided to stay in Chiang Mai for a couple of years and study with him and Master Kai. For Jade, Kung Fu is much more than a self-defense or fighting technique. He sees Kung Fu everywhere and always makes comparisons between Kung Fu and real life. After studying with him for over a year, I am still astonished at his knowledge and understanding. Jade often tells me “The basics are the more important. Learn them well and then you can learn all forms easily and truly master them. Jade’s teachings are personalised, his approach is different with each person and he is equally good at teaching beginners, as he is to teach high-style. For me, studying with him has been a life-changing experience.

Dominique Côté


Aum is an excellent teacher. I have practiced tai chi for three years and it is wonderful to resume practice with someone whose Tibetan-Chinese-Thai lineage goes back for generations. I recommend Aum and her sister without reservation.

Richard Oyama


I started studying Tai Chi Fan at Kung Fu Chiang Mai because the form looks so cool. After practicing for a short period of time, I noticed that I was beginning to feel Chi. I decided to continue my studies with other forms of Tai Chi. My experiences with feeling energy or Chi increased as I took more classes and continued to practice. Then, I started taking Qi Gong classes and my experience with Chi deepened. Before coming to Kung Fu Chiang Mai, I studied and practiced Tai Chi with three other instructors and also practiced aikido and judo for years. Never before had I experienced the existence and movement of Chi as strongly and consistently as I have after studying with Master Kai. It has helped me improve my technique in energy medicine, meditation, massage and aikido. It has improved, directly and indirectly, my health in general, my flexibility, my strength and mind.

Lawrence Moore