Program Tibetan Kung Fu Chiang Mai


G1 – Basic to understand the motion of fist, arm, wrist, joint, defensive post on movement,   body, breath to coordinate in one.


G2 – Practice the higher movement in walk and principle of movement punch, parry, walk for pairing practice.


G3 – Practice combine every movement to understanding the art for find the way to defend yourself and strike back by using technique, skill including learning to use weapons and use the imagination in the practice.

G4 – Animal styles and Personal’s style.

           “Animal style and Personal’s style” mean person who learned G1 – G3 will understanding the body of themselves and to understand more it’s important to learn personal’s style for remind you of yourself such as mind, instinct, subconscious, emotion and soul for compare with each animals *not let the animal become you, but let its become your mirror because everybody has ego that make you can’t accept yourself even the master or teacher can’t even talk about its so when talking about its making you harder to reach* so we must use animal style or personal’s style for practice by stratagem or using the mirror of you to teaching yourself to continuous to improve yourself

  1.     Tiger’s Style.
  2.     Snake’s Style.
  3.     Dragon’s Style.
  4.     Eagle’s Style.
  5.     Cranes’s Style.
  6.     Drunken’s Style.



G5 – Step Style is the high class Kung Fu use for against enemies in any direction or imagine the fight more than one people by using different Direction styles to suit each person


  1.     5 Step
  2.     7 Step
  3.     9 Step
  4.     12 Step
  5.     17 Step


Each Step style is differ by complicate in every step in each style that each person like and suit them. Example. Defensive, Offensive, Evasive. Everything is combine in each Direction style by each person has learned and practiced.


G6 – Leaning and practice about “Qi” or meant by practice to feel the inner energy. Use the energy in technique and control toe body, movement, combat and destroy any important part

G7 – Poke Qi point or Stab Qi point and leaning about Qi points in the body for healing or destruction.   this is the highest class in TBT Kung Fu Chiang Mai