Tai Chi Chuan (literally « up to fist the best »), often shortened to Tai Chi in the West is a kind of Chinese martial arts that can be approached as an art therapeutic exercise for health and fitness, leisure and technical gold. Spiritual Concentration Technical battle The basics of tai chi include the flow of movement, the balance of mind and body, and breathing.

             Our school specializes in Chinese style, which is very popular and highly trained. In the form of rubber, the movement is extended naturally and gracefully, delicate structure, gentle and flowing.

             Tai Chi’s practice shows many advantages and can affect all aspects of your life . Inside and Outside External help in the body. Muscle Management Joints Balance of the body And can also be protected. The interior helps in the practice of meditation and breathing. Control of high blood pressure. Diabetes improves the balance of the cardiovascular system. Lung function Sensation of the body and brain are related, so Tai Chi is not only suitable for the elderly, but also suitable for all people of all ages. Tai chi is not just a normal dance. But it is considered a kind of exercise. The training is not based on the weather. Area or space it can be done anywhere . It only takes 10-20 minutes per day.


  • Tai chi chuan yang style
  • For health fitness , &self-defense
  • Exercise throughout the body
  • Improves powers of concentration and breathing
  • Clearer mind
  • Power to be well-balance
  • Balance mind body heart &breath
  • Develop your muscles, joints, tendon and nervous system
  • Improves capacity of the brain to think fast
  • Stabilizes blood pressure
  • Discover the mechanics and inner workings of the body for healing & self-defense


Tai Chi















Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Training Course 300 hours Course:

This is a program that covers all forms of tai chi. Ideal for those who want to study Tai Chi at a professional level. The training also includes meditation and relaxation techniques.


  • Tai chi course 350/hour (private)
  • Tai chi course 250/hour (group)