Tai Chi Chuan (literally « up to fist the best »), often shortened to Tai Chi in the West is a kind of Chinese martial arts that can be approached as an art therapeutic exercise for health and fitness, leisure and technical gold. Spiritual Concentration Technical battle The basics of tai chi include the flow of movement, the balance of mind and body, and breathing.

Our school specializes in Chinese style, which is very popular and highly trained. In the form of rubber, the movement is extended naturally and gracefully, delicate structure, gentle and flowing.

Tai Chi’s practice shows many advantages and can affect all aspects of your life. It is a high-precision meditation in Tai Chi’s tranquility movement and concentration of mind, alertness and memory. It also promotes self-awareness and the environment, and helps in energy-efficient coordination.

Tai Chi is one of the five branches of Chinese medicine and has proven to be effective in preventing and maintaining health. It improves the balance of cardiovascular and lung function, blood circulation, digestion, breathing and sleep. It will help control high blood pressure and diabetes and the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease.


Benefits of Tai Chi:

– clear the mind

– Health

– treatment

– Enhance skills in sports and competition.

– self defense

The practice of Tai Chi will affect all aspects of your life. You will be helpful in your work in the body and in the healing process.

doing work:

– Increases concentration.

– Increase your brain’s ability to think fast.

– Have the power to balance and to keep the mind cool.


– Exercise throughout the body.

– liberate the mind

– Helps the heart beat.

– Increases blood circulation.

– Improve digestion.

– Helps increase lungs and breathing.


– lung and breathing

– stomach and digestion

– nervous system, depression, insomnia, headache

– blood circulation and blood disease

– Reduce blood pressure.

– prevent heart attack

– strengthen bone muscles; Relieve arthritis and cold limbs.


Fundamentals for Tai Chi Training

The first step is to relax within the internal auditory muscles.

Circular motion and circular motion

It is important for beginners to learn how to relax so that energy can grow and reach all parts of the body.

The second step is to relax the outside, the movement must be soft and relaxed.

Energy energy originates at the center of the body.

When you feel this power, you will feel it spread throughout the body.

Energy also flows through the spine to the heart.

Mind your body and work together to achieve a strong balance in your mind.


Tai Chi Training

  1.  – relax
  2.  – Keep the child’s mind.
  3.  Try not to give up, do not be discouraged.
  4.  – swimming in the air
  5.  – slowly move
  6.  – move nonstop
  7.  – breathe slowly
  8.  – The waist and hips move together.
  9.  – The motion must be circular.
  10.  – Pay attention to your inheritance.


Three things that work together all the time.

  1. 3 things outside:

– hands and feet

– elbow and knee

– Shoulders and hips (or waist)

  1. 3 things inside:

– thoughts and feelings

– Feeling and breathing

– breath and energy


How to practice movement

– Let your mind relax, arms and legs moving.

– Keep the head straight but soft on the neck; This is the basis for good breathing. When the neck is tense. Energy is blocked;

– Eyes are not focused but soft.

– gag and breathe through the nose.

– Keep the tongue attached to the ceiling, this will make you feel better.

– Keep your shoulders down, this will help you breathe deeply, tone up the muscles of the chest and abdomen and improve digestion. If the shoulder is also affected, the result is that the energy will be negatively affected;

– Relax the waist. This is the center of upper and lower energy. It improves the functioning of the organs of the earth, kidneys and intestines, and blood pressure.

– The hips are moved together with the rest of the body in this manner, allowing the back to relax and the energy that can flow through the spine;

– The arms and legs move slowly and harmoniously, so the muscles and ligaments are safe and free from injury. When the movement is correct, the blood circulation will improve. Oxygen is in the heart, veins and arteries remain open and functioning without clogging. So the body is balanced.

– Deep breathing and slow breathing use the chest and abdominal muscles and improve the function of the stomach and lungs.

– Deep breathing and slow breathing use the chest and abdominal muscles and improve the function of the stomach and lungs.

– The practice of « hand push » is very good for the nervous system.

Our school offers a varied choice for beginners and advanced Tai Chi students, including those with limited time or budget. We offer daily Tai Chi shopping for everyone, including private and semi-private group courses. There are 3 to 300 hours for more information. Prices and schedules

Tai Chi Chi Mai Competition in Chiang Mai:

Meridians, energy stretches, basic steps and form forms.
Monday to Friday 8-9 am

Basic Tai Chi Chuan (for beginners):

Yang 8 Patterns 5 Hours
Yang 16 Patterns 8 Hours
Yang 24 Patterns 13 Hours

Advanced Tai Chi Chuan:

Yang 42 format 30 hours
Yang 81 format 40 hours
Fan layout 52 hours
Sword format 42 hours

Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Training Course 300 hours Course:

This is a program that covers all forms of tai chi. Ideal for those who want to study Tai Chi at a professional level. The training also includes meditation, Qi Gong and relaxation techniques.