Tai Chi Chuan (literally « supreme ultimate fist »), often shortened Tai Chi in the West, is a type of Chinese martial art that can be approached as a healing art, a health and fitness exercise, a relaxation technique, a spiritual meditation or a fighting technique. The basics of Tai Chi include the flow of movements, the balanced union of mind and body, and breathing.

Our school specializes in the Yang style, which is currently the most popular and widely practiced style. In the Yang style, movements are extended, natural and graceful, carefully structured, relaxed, gentle and flowing.

The practice of Tai Chi presents many advantages and can positively influence every aspect of your life. As a meditation with a great precision of movements, tai chi quietness the mind and improves concentration, alertness and memory. It also fosters a greater awareness of self and the environment, and helps harmonizing the Chi (vital energy).

Tai Chi is one of the five branches of Chinese traditional medicine and has been proven effective in health prevention and healing. It contributes to overall fitness and improves balance, cardiovascular and lung capacities, blood circulation, digestion, breathing and sleep. It also helps controlling hypertension and diabetes, and reducing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease.


Benefits of Tai Chi:

– Clearer mind

– Healthier body

– Healing of diseases

– Improved skills for sports and competition

– Self-defense

The practice of Tai Chi will positively influence every aspect of your life. You will have benefits in your job, in your body and in the healing of illnesses.


– Improves powers of concentration

– Improves capacity of the brain to think fast

– Power to be well-balance, and to keep a « cool heart »


– Whole-body exercise

– Relaxes the mind

– Stabilizes the heart beat

– Improves blood circulation

– Improves digestion

– Improves lungs and breathing

 Cure of diseases:

– Lungs and breathing

– Stomach and digestion

– Nervous system, depression, insomnia, headache

– Circulation and blood ailments

– Stabilizes blood pressure

– Prevents heart attack

– Reinforces muscles, bones; relieves rheumatisms and cold extremities


Basics for the practice of Tai Chi

The first step is to relax the inside, muscles, mind, inner organs.

The movements are cyclic and circular.

It’s important that the beginner learns how to relax, so that the energy may grow and reach every part of the body.

The second step is to relax on the outside, movements must be soft and relaxed.

The power, the energy, has origin at the center of the body.

When you can feel this power inside, then you can feel it spreading to the whole body.

The energy also flows through the spine up to the mind.

Remember mind and body work together, to reach a good balance you need to be firm and strong (focused) in your mind.


How to practice Tai Chi

  1.  – Relax
  2.  – Keep the mind of the child
  3.  – Keep trying, don’t give up, don’t be discouraged
  4.  – Swim in the air
  5.  – Move slow
  6.  – Move nonstop
  7.  – Breath slowly
  8.  – Waist and hips moves together
  9.  – Movements must be circular
  10.  – Stay in balance on your legs


Three things that always work together

  1. 3 things outside:

– Hand and Foot

– Elbow and Knee

– Shoulders and Hips(or waist)

  1. 3 things inside:

– Mind and Feeling

– Feeling and Breath

– Breath and Energy


How to practice the movements

–          Keep the mind relaxed, arms and legs move very slowly

–          Keep the head straight, but soften the neck; this is fundamental for a good breathing. When the neck is tense; the energy is blocked;

–          The eyes must not be focused, but remain soft;

–          Keep the mouth closed and breathe through the nose;

–          Keep the tongue stuck to the upper palate, this allows your mouth to salivate and you won’t feel thirsty;

–          Keep the shoulders down. This  will help to breath deeply, tone up the muscles of the chest and abdomen, and improve the digestion. If the shoulders are tens also the neck will stiffen: the consequence is that the energy can’t flow from the head to the rest of the body, and the movement will be negatively affected;

–          Relax the waist. Here is the center of the energy, and from here you can control the whole body (upper and lower). It will improve the function of all the inner organs, kidneys and bowel, and the blood pressure.

–          The hip has to move together with the rest of the body, in this way the back keeps relaxed and the energy can flow through the spine;

–          Arms and legs move together slowly and in harmony, so muscles and ligaments will be safe and don’t get hurt. When the movements are correct, also the blood circulation improves. The oxygen is carried to the heart, veins and arteries remains open and functional, not clogged. So the whole body will be in balance.

–          A correct breathing, deep and slow, exercises the muscle of the chest and abdomen, and improve the functionality of the stomach and lungs;

–          The correct breathing, deep and slow, exercises the muscle of the chest and abdomen, and improve the functionality of the stomach and lungs;

–          The practice of “Pushing Hands” is very good for the nervous system.

Our school offers different options for beginners and advanced Tai Chi students, including those with limited time or budget. We offer daily Tai Chi courses for anyone to drop in, as well as private and semi-private group courses lasting from 3 to 300 hours. For more information please consult Price and Schedules.

Drop-in Tai Chi Courses in Chiang Mai:

Meridian lines stretching, energy movement, basic steps and hand forms
Monday to Friday, 8-9 am

Basic Tai Chi Chuan (for beginners):

Yang 8 forms 3 hours
Yang 16 forms 5 hours
Yang 24 forms 10 hours

Advanced Tai Chi Chuan:

Yang 42 forms 25 hours
Yang 81 forms 30 hours
Fan forms 30 hours
Sword forms 30 hours

Teacher Training Tai Chi Chuan 300 hours curriculum:

This is a comprehensive program that covers all Tai Chi forms. It is designed for those who wish to learn Tai Chi at the professional level. Training also includes walking meditation, Qi Gong and relaxation techniques.