Qi Gong, Chi Gong or Chi Kung means (“drive of vital energy”)

is a thousand-year-old art of Chinese soft gymnastics to maintaining

and improving physical and spiritual well-being.it is considered a form of energetic training.

Gi Gong focuses on the control of vital energy to mobilize it, strengthen it, increase it, purify it and make it flow harmoniously through the body and mind.


What are the benefits of this qigong?

  1. Qigong bring balance to your body and mind.
  2. Qigong maintaining health, managing illness in your body.
  3. Qigong movement can helps internal organs, external organs.


Principles of Qi gong :

  • Breath
  • Posture
  • Movements
  • Relaxation
  • Concentration

You can take the power of Chi to support the energy in the body. And healing your body & mind, By using mind,breath,and movement.


Kung fu Chiang Mai offers different options for beginners and advanced Qi Gong students, including those with limited time or budget. Qi Gong forms are available in private or semi-private courses.


Courses Available:

Qi gong for Beginner

 3-5 hours curriculum                       :Price 350 baht /per hour


Gi Gong and Meditation (Kherliang family style)

5-10 hours curriculum                     :Price 350 baht /per hour

This ancient breathing and meditation technique uses visualization to balance

the five elements in the body and improve concentration, health and longevity.


Wudang Qi Gong (18 forms)

5-10 hours curriculum                     :Price 350 baht /per hour

Wudang Qi Gong counts 18 exercise and breathing forms. These move and transform

the breath into refined energy that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Wudang Qi Gong opens the heart and fills it with joy, which is a powerful healer.


Baa Duan Jin or the Eight Brocades Qi Gong

5-10 hours curriculum                     :Price 350 baht /per hour

Baa Duan Jin is a series of 8 easy Qi Gong exercises that coordinate the breath with simple movements and self-healing.

It stimulates the central nervous system, increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and gently tones muscles without strain, thus contributing to overall health.


Taiji Qi Gong (18 movements)

5-10 hours curriculum                     :Price 350 baht /per hour

Taiji Qi Gong is inspired by Tai Chi Chuan. The focus is on the correct posture, slow and lively movements, and proper breathing. This is a fairly simple form to learn.


Taijichikung (21 movements)

5-10 hours curriculum                     :Price 350 baht /per hour

Taijichikung is a mix of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. The 21 movements are coordinated with special breathing techniques to control and increase vital energy (Chi) throughout the body.


Qi Gong 5 Animal Styles

Some forms of Gi Gong are inspired from the qualities and movements of specific animals.

Our school teaches five different styles including the crane, bear, deer, tiger and monkey.

Each animal form is linked to a specific element, season and strengthens specific body organ/functions.


Crane style:

1-3-5 hours curriculum                   :Price 350 baht /per hour

The Frolics Crane Qi Gong exercises are coordinated with the breath and consist of gentle, flowing movements that imitate a crane moving its wings.
Season – Fall, Element –Metal, Benefiting organs – lung, intestines


Bear style:

1-3-5 hours curriculum                   :Price 350 baht /per hour

The slow but powerful movements of the the Bear warm up and stimulate the body, improving the functioning of the stomach and spleen, and strengthening legs and bones.
Season – Late summer, Element – Earth, Benefiting organs – stomach and spleen


Deer style:

1-3-5 hours curriculum                   :Price 350 baht /per hour

The Deer is a silent, powerful and long-living creature. The deer form helps maintaining the free flow of energy despite worries. It also contributes to tendon and ligament flexibility.
Season – Winter, Element – Water, Benefiting organs – kidney and bladder


Tiger style:

1-3-5 hours curriculum                   :Price 350 baht /per hour

The powerful yet relaxed Tiger exercises contribute to strong healthy muscles and improve digestion.
Season – Spring, Element – Wood, Benefiting organs – liver and gallbladder


Monkey style:

1-3-5 hours curriculum                   :Price 350 baht /per hour

The monkey is quick and flexible and the monkey exercises improve blood circulation and the functions of the heart and small intestine.
Season – Summer, Element – Fire, Benefiting organs – heart and small intestine, blood system


  • Qi gong course 350/hour (private)
  • Qi gong course 250/hour (group)


Discover the healing power of Qigong with us !