Branches of Tibetan Kung Fu (Kherliang family style)

Tibetan (Dragon) Kung Fu is an old style of Kherliang family. The following branches of Tibetan Kung Fu school are controlled by experience teaches, who themselves learned the original Tibetan Kung Fu at KUNG-FU CHIANGMAI (Kherliang Healing Arts Center).

The headquarter hereby guarantee that the listed teaches have the knowledge and experience to teach original Tibetan Kung Fu in their own school.

Tibetan Kung Fu Branch II Switzerland
Controlled by Jurg Rotmann
Honggerstrasse 120, 8037 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: 0041 79 216 64 94

Tibetan Kung Fu Branch III Germany
Controlled by Bettina and Michel Agneray
Am Eichenhügel 6,59558 Lippstadt, Germany
Phone: 0049-02941/9785351

Tibetan Kung Fu Branch IV Canada
Controlled by Dominique Côté
3344 Ch. Ste-Foy, Quebec city, G1X 1S5, Canada
Phone: 418-955-3882