Kung Fu Description Schedule Price
Group Kung Fu Basic forms Gate 1-2-3 Monday to Friday 6 to 7h30 pm 250 Baht/Lesson

1150 Baht/Week

2150 Baht/2 Weeks

3500 Baht/Month

Private Kung Fu Lessons Based on individual needs To be determined 400 Baht/Hour

300 Baht/Hour (30h and +)

Tai Chi  Description Schedule Price
Morning Tai Chi (Group drop-in) Meridian Lines Stretching Monday to Friday 8-9 am 150 Baht/Lesson
Yang 8 forms 3 hours 1200 Baht
Basic Tai Chi Yang 16 forms 5 hours 2000 Baht
(private or semi-private) Yang 24 forms 10 hours 4000 Baht
Advanced Tai Chi
(private or semi-private)
Yang 42 forms  25 hours Please contact us
Yang 81 forms  30 hours
Fan forms 30 hours
Sword forms  30 hours
Qi Gong
Description Schedule Price
Qi Gong for Beginners 3 hours 1200 Baht
Gi Gong and Meditation Kherliang Family Style  10 hours 4000 Baht
Wudang Qi Gong 18 forms
Baa Duan Jin 8 forms
Taiji Qi Gong 18 movements
Taijichikung 21 movements Please contact us
Qi Gong 5 Animals Crane 5 hours 2000 Baht
Thai Yoga
Description Schedule Price
 Ruesri Dai Ton 15 forms To be determined 400 Bath/Person/Hour

500 Baht/2 Persons/Hour

  • For private lessons, please contact the school to make a reservation and set a schedule.
  • If two persons register together for Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Qi Gong, the price is 600 Baht/hour.
  • Courses must be paid in full at the first lesson.
  • Teacher training program can start usually after 3 months of group lesson or before if the Master decide.